The L-DOPA of natural origin from the Vicia Faba plant for your daily well-being!

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The food supplement normalized at 21.5mg of L-Dopa per gram!

Normalization is crucial, as it allows AtremoPlus users to have the same consistent level of L-dopa in their intake every day. Dose your L-dopa with confidence and ease!

AtremoPlus: L-Dopa + Vitamin E both of natural origin:
  • Promote mobility as well as fluidity in movements
  • Promote cognitive performance and emotional balance
  • Fight stress and mental fatigue
  • Help to protect cells from oxidative stress
Reduced mobility, tremors, loss of fluidity, energy, good mood? AtremoPlus® is a solution of 100% natural origin
Add color to your diet!

To optimize the active ingredients, take AtremoPlus outside of mealtime and mix the powder with a simple food like yogurt (even plant based) or fruit compote. To vary the ideas, we suggest some quick and easy recipes. You will love it :)

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