What research has led to the development of AtremoPlus?

In the context of an aging population


Aging and life expectancy

We live in a context of aging populations and a significant increase in life expectancy. However, this extension is not always accompanied by a favorable quality of life. In an aggressive environment with a multitude of pollutants and attacks of various natures, we are witnessing a considerable increase in degenerative and also neuro-degenerative processes.

AtremoPlus® has been developed by a team of world-renowned European experts over a period of 10 years. AtremoPlus is now used by thousands of people around the world.Discover their testimonials
AtremoPlus® has been developed by a team of world-renowned European experts over a period of 10 years. AtremoPlus is now used by thousands of people around the world.Discover their testimonials

Degeneration of the organism and L-dopa

The degeneration linked to aging can be accelerated according to certain predispositions or environmental factors, such as pollution or stress. Experts estimate that we lose an average of 10% of dopaminergic neurons per decade and this from our 20 years with a decrease in our motor and cognitive faculties. Over time, the consequences of this degradation of the organism can be tremendous and be accompanied by a series of binding problems.


In an attempt to address this problem of reduced dopaminergic production, the scientific team that developed AtremoPlus did a lot of research allowing to identify a natural source rich in L-Dopa. Vicia Faba is recognized in this area, and the scientific team has tested and analyzed the best varieties among the 120 varieties of Vicia Faba and the 130 varieties of feral. Indeed, the properties of these different varieties are very widely different. After a long selection process, the team finally selected one of the varieties of vicia faba L whose concentration of L-Dopa is much higher.



Oxidation of the body and Vitamin E

The aging of our organism is a complex process. Experts in this field have been studying for a few decades the fundamental reasons for this degeneration. In order to understand aging and study the possibility of slowing it down, a multitude of scientific teams around the world have carried out a very significant number of studies. Oxidative stress clearly crystallizes as one of the main vectors of the aging process. Indeed, it causes damage in our body through free radicals that attack the cells of the organism. Vitamin E then plays an essential role in the protection of cells, and more particularly of their membranes. This vitamin is not produced by our body and present in several foods and in particular some vegetables and oil oils.

A nutritional intake of 10 mg to 50 mg per day depending on age and sex is recommended. In 2012, the European health authorities (EFSA European Food Safety Authority and the European Commission) estimated that an intake of Vitamin E can contribute to the protection of cells against free radicals (antioxidant effects).


The AtremoPlus research team has opted for a source of vitamin E of natural origin. Several studies suggest that this natural form is better assimilated by the body. The concentration of vitamin E in the product is sufficient to be able to claim to contribute to the protection of cells against free radicals. Indeed, the European health authorities (EFSA European Food Safety Authority and the European Commission) have set a minimum threshold of 1.8 mg of vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols) per 100 g. AtremoPlus contains 12 mg per 5 g of the powder.


The targets of the scientific team


Slow down the degenerative processes related to age

One of the priorities of the scientific team: the development of a solution to support the body in its fight against aging and to slow down the degenerative processes linked to age.


Combat age-related motor problems

The other major objective: promoting life quality in the event of age-related motor problems such as rigidity, slowness of movement, tremors, imbalances, but also cognitive problems.


Develop a well-tolerated solution of natural origin

Finally, another important objective affirmed by the team has always been to be able to offer a solution of 100% natural origin that is very well tolerated by the body.


Preclinical studies and clinical studies


Significant results

Various preclinical studies and clinical studies have been carried out and published during the last few years. The significant results of these scientific studies thus open the way to an innovative and natural approach for age-related problems and more specifically to dopaminergic deficits. The results of studies and the clinical trial carried out in excellent scientific standards confirm these choices: AtremoPlus was tolerated by 100% of the participants, with no undesirable side effects observed. Further studies have to be done to confirm these results over a very long period and with an increasing number of participants, but these findings are extremely encouraging at this stage. 


Publication in scientific journals

The studies have been published (and commented) in the scientific journals below:

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The results were also presented at the following scientific conferences:
« 6th conference on Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine & Molecular  Diagnostics » Phoenix, USA 2016
« Drug Discovery and Therapy World Congress 2016 », Boston USA 2016
« 13th World congress of biological Psychiatry », Copenhagen 2017
« 7th conference on predictive, preventive and personalized medicine & molecular diagnostics » Chicago USA, 2017


For legal reasons, we may give more detailed information about studies only to healthcare professionals.


AtremoPlus is a food supplement of 100% plant origin, rich in L-DOPA, CARBIDOPA and VITAMIN E.

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