Frequently asked questions about AtremoPlus® – F.A.Q.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our product AtremoPlus:


Is AtremoPlus® a medical drug?

No, AtremoPlus® is not a medication but a DIETARY SUPPLEMENT of 100% plant origin, rich in naturally occurring L-Dopa.

It also contains numerous trace elements, such as flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, amino acids, and others, all recognized by the scientific community as essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is also rich in Vitamin E, recognized by health authorities for helping protect cells against oxidative stress.

The product is available over the counter, exclusively on our official AtremoPlus® website.

Can I take AtremoPlus® in combination with anti-Parkinson medications?

We are not permitted to comment on medical treatments due to regulatory reasons.

Generally speaking, we can say that the majority of our clients take both anti-Parkinson medications and our natural dietary supplement for a better quality of life.

For any medical questions, please consult your doctor.

We can provide information to healthcare professionals who wish to support their patients in taking AtremoPlus. They can request this information at

It is important to note that AtremoPlus is standardized to 21.5 mg/g of L-Dopa and contains Carbidopa, which promotes better metabolization of L-Dopa in the brain. Please see below for more information.

Does AtremoPlus® have any side effects?

Clinical studies have shown that AtremoPlus® was tolerated by 100% of patients without any adverse side effects.

In general, the product is very well tolerated.

Is AtremoPlus® standardized for safe dosing?

AtremoPlus® is indeed standardized to 21.5 mg of L-Dopa per 1 g of powder.

The product comes with a measuring spoon to ensure safe and consistent daily dosing.

For many of our clients and their neurologists, this is an essential element as they need a precise and quantifiable L-Dopa intake.

Does AtremoPlus® also contain Carbidopa to cross the blood-brain barrier?

Yes, Vicia faba, the source of our dietary supplement AtremoPlus®, naturally contains Carbidopa.

Why is this so important?

To allow L-Dopa to be transported in greater quantities to the brain, where it is ultimately converted into dopamine, the presence of Carbidopa is essential. Carbidopa inhibits the conversion of L-Dopa to dopamine before it reaches the brain, in the bloodstream. Since L-Dopa is a small molecule, it can cross the blood-brain barrier, unlike dopamine, which is too large.

Has AtremoPlus® been clinically tested?

Yes, the dietary supplement AtremoPlus® has been tested in preclinical and clinical studies with very significant results.

We can send a summary of the studies to healthcare professionals upon request.

It is important to note that preclinical and clinical tests are not mandatory for dietary supplements. Only a very small percentage of these products undergo such rigorous testing.

For AtremoPlus, the decision was made to conduct a series of preclinical and clinical tests before its market launch in 2016 and to continue with ongoing testing since then.

In which journals have the scientific studies been published?

Due to regulatory reasons, we are not allowed to provide links to the preclinical and clinical studies here and can only mention the peer-reviewed scientific journals in which the studies have been published :

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The scientific studies have also been presented at the following scientific conferences :

  1. “6th conference on Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine & Molecular  Diagnostics” Phoenix, USA 2016
  2. “Drug Discovery and Therapy World Congress 2016”, Boston USA 2016
  3. “13th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry”, Copenhagen 2017
  4. “7th conference on predictive, preventive and personalized medicine & molecular diagnostics” Chicago USA, 2017
  5. “14th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry”, Vancouver Canada 2019

Do the effects of the 100% natural L-Dopa contained in AtremoPlus® diminish over the years?

AtremoPlus® has been developed since 2009 and has been marketed on a larger scale since 2016, so we have considerable experience regarding its long-term effects.

Users and their neurologists are delighted with the rapid effects that often occur within the first few days or weeks of use, as well as the excellent stability over longer periods, up to eight years for the longest-term users.

We have not observed a decrease in the effects of our dietary supplement AtremoPlus® nor the need to increase the dosage over time.

This stability of effects observed over time could be due, among other things, to the protection of cells against oxidative stress.

Our clients regularly report a significant improvement in their quality of life, despite problems that have lasted for 15 or 20 years.

Does AtremoPlus® protect cells from damage caused by oxidative stress through its vitamin E content?

Yes, the dietary supplement AtremoPlus® contains natural active principles known for their antioxidant action.

The powerful antioxidant effect of vitamin E promotes cellular protection against free radicals, helping to preserve DNA, proteins, and lipids.

Oxidative stress and the resulting chronic inflammation are considered by experts to be significant factors in the aging and degeneration process of the body.

Does taking AtremoPlus® also increase norepinephrine levels?

Yes, one of the clinical studies convincingly demonstrated that taking AtremoPlus® could increase norepinephrine levels by an average of about 25%.

Why is this so important?

Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter that plays a significant role in cognitive processes, movement, and mood regulation. It influences attention, alertness, and learning, thus playing a crucial role in cognitive performance. Additionally, norepinephrine is involved in the regulation of movement, which can affect coordination and motivation. In terms of mood, norepinephrine is associated with feelings of alertness, excitement, and good mood. Despite its importance, the role of norepinephrine is often underestimated because other neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin are often highlighted.

How long do the effects of the natural L-DOPA contained in AtremoPlus® last?

The clinical study on this topic demonstrated significantly long effects of the 100% natural L-DOPA, lasting up to 12 hours after intake.

Of course, this varies depending on the individual.

Why do we need L-DOPA and Dopamine?

L-DOPA is a precursor of dopamine and is converted by the body into dopamine. Dopamine is essential for a wide variety of motor and cognitive functions.

The scientific community has observed that dopamine deficiencies are associated with multiple issues such as:

  1. Fatigue and lethargy
  2. Depression and anxiety
  3. Loss of motivation and interest in activities
  4. Problems with concentration and memory
  5. Decreased ability to experience pleasure
  6. Reduced libido
  7. Sleep disorders, including insomnia or restless sleep
  8. Difficulties with motor coordination
  9. Involuntary tremors, especially at rest
  10. Decreased muscle strength and endurance
  11. Sexual dysfunction
  12. Changes in appetite and weight regulation
  13. Irritability and mood swings
  14. Decreased ability to cope with stress and pressure
  15. Reduced sharpness of mind and cognitive reactivity
  16. Muscle stiffness or rigidity, leading to decreased mobility
  17. Slowness of movement
  18. Abnormal posture, such as leaning forward or shuffling gait
  19. Loss of balance and postural reflexes, increasing the risk of falls
  20. Mask-like facial expression
  21. Monotone or whispering voice, articulation problems
  22. Micrographia, or writing becoming smaller and less legible
  23. Difficulty performing fine motor tasks, such as buttoning clothing

These issues can naturally vary in intensity and frequency, be transient or structural, and coexist or be isolated depending on the individual's situation.

What can I do to increase my dopamine levels?

Certain foods rich in L-tyrosine or L-DOPA increase the production of dopamine. It is recommended to have a good dietary balance. Here is a list of tyrosine-rich foods that can directly affect dopamine levels: almonds, avocados, bananas, beets, cabbage, green tea, beans, oregano, peanuts, rosemary, sesame and pumpkin seeds, turmeric, and watermelon.

A healthy and fulfilling lifestyle also promotes better dopamine balance, and the scientific community has revealed in numerous studies that physical (and sports) exercise has a positive impact on dopamine production.

Other scientific studies reveal that various activities can increase dopamine levels, such as spending time outdoors in nature, meditating, listening to music, petting an animal, and any other activity that fosters JOY. These practices can reduce stress and simultaneously increase dopamine levels.

AtremoPlus® is a complementary source aimed at helping the body produce dopamine, especially if dietary habits do not meet the daily needs of this dopamine precursor, or if the body is no longer able to produce enough on its own. Scientific studies on our dietary supplement have proven this.

What are the active ingredients of AtremoPlus®?

AtremoPlus® is a plant-based dietary supplement made from the structural components of the "Vicia Faba L" plant, obtained through a complex biotechnological process that preserves the active ingredients.

The active ingredients include L-DOPA, standardized at 21.5 mg/g, Carbidopa, and Vitamin E (two scoops represent the recommended daily dose of Vitamin E).

Additionally, there are numerous trace active ingredients, such as amino acids, polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenoids, other vitamins, and minerals.

AtremoPlus® contains no gluten, lactose, or food additives.

What is the composition of AtremoPlus®?

AtremoPlus® is primarily composed of Vicia faba L, a plant naturally rich in L-DOPA and Carbidopa, as well as a variety of trace elements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenols, and other compounds.

AtremoPlus® contains no gluten, lactose, or food additives.

What is the Vicia faba plant that forms the basis of AtremoPlus®?

AtremoPlus® is based on the Vicia faba L. plant.

Vicia faba, commonly known as the broad bean, is a plant that has been domesticated by humans since ancient times for its use as food. Originating from the Middle East, it has been cultivated and valued for its exceptional nutritional qualities.

This plant is a significant source of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, contributing to a balanced diet. Additionally, it contains a variety of bioactive compounds, including polyphenols, flavonoids, and carotenoids, known for their antioxidant properties that benefit health.

Vicia faba is generally very well tolerated.

It is interesting to note that Vicia faba has played a significant role in the history of medicine, particularly concerning Parkinson's disease.

The young Swiss researcher Markus Guggenheim, then director of research at F. Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel, discovered the presence of L-DOPA in nature, specifically in Vicia faba, in 1913. He was the first to isolate L-DOPA from this plant in history. Guggenheim even developed a synthesis process for this substance, which was patented. Despite sustained research efforts, Guggenheim did not find a clinical application for L-DOPA, and the patent fell into oblivion for nearly fifty years.

It was then that the Viennese pharmacologist Oleh Hornykiewicz, recalling Guggenheim's work, had the idea of treating Parkinson's disease patients with L-DOPA, a precursor to dopamine, hoping that this substance could cross the blood-brain barrier, unlike dopamine. His work was successful, and to this day, L-DOPA remains the reference treatment for Parkinson's disease.

To develop AtremoPlus®, experts tested a multitude of Vicia faba varieties among more than 120 available, aiming to select the one with the highest nutritional values, particularly regarding L-DOPA content.

Next, researchers studied the climatic conditions, soil types, and optimal humidity to achieve the highest nutritional values.

The final and crucial step was standardizing the L-DOPA content, ensuring that the natural product is suitable for use requiring a regular and consistent intake of L-DOPA.

Where can I find testimonials from AtremoPlus® users?

You can find testimonials on the testimonials page by clicking the button below.

Please note that these are individual experiences from real customers who use AtremoPlus®.

How quickly can I expect effects from taking AtremoPlus®?

Regarding the speed of effects, our clinical trial revealed that the response to our product and the body's ability to utilize its active ingredients, particularly L-DOPA, vary according to the pharmacogenetic profile of each individual.

Testimonials from our customers confirm these differences, and we can generally distinguish three groups of people:

  1. For the first group, the beneficial effects are felt very quickly, sometimes within the first hours or days of starting the treatment. This responsiveness is observed even in people who have been suffering from the disorder for many years, even decades.

  2. For the second group, the benefits are also significant, but the adaptation occurs more gradually over several weeks.

  3. For the third group, characterized by a less favorable genetic profile, the effects felt are limited and manifest over a longer period.

To best evaluate individual benefits and determine the potential advantages of our product, we recommend a one-month trial at a dose of 10g per day (4 scoops), which corresponds to the use of 4 boxes. This allows for a clear vision of the immediate benefits that can be obtained.

In addition to the direct benefits for improving daily quality of life, our customers and their neurologists also report long-term indirect benefits concerning stability.

Indeed, our formula contains powerful antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, which help protect cells against damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress, recognized by experts as one of the main causes of the degenerative process in the body.

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