Who are we?

The AtremoPlus team is compromised by committed professionals who work for you on a daily basis with the target to support you as best as possible.

Specialist in natural food supplements

After 25 years dedicated to the development and the distribution of high value-added food supplements of 100% natural origin, we have decided to work with a scientific expert team specialized in degenerative problems.

With Atremoplus *, we are pleased to offer people seeking natural solutions a food supplement rich in L-dopa to fight against certain age-related motor and cognitive problems.  AtremoPlus is generally very well tolerated. 

Convinced of the benefits of this solution, we are now concentrating our energy and expertise to make the food supplement accessible to as many people as possible. 

* AtremoPlus is a food supplement and NOT a medical drug.

Recognized scientific research partners

In order to ensure the highest quality of our product, the scientific team conducted its research and developed the product over a period of 10 years. Numerous preclinical trials and one clinical trial have been carried out in accordance with excellent scientific standards. The exceptional results confirm this scientific commitment and represent the achievement of our target: improving the day to day life quality of its users.

The AtremoPlus team has remained committed to providing only solutions of 100% natural origin. The obtained results confirm this choice: no side effects have been observed during the clinical trial for 100% of the participants.

Putting the human aspects at the heart of a project...

The whole team is committed to a single common objective: to improve the life quality of people in a tangible way in their daily lives. Aware that the situation of our customers is often difficult and debilitating, we are mobilized at their side to bring through our product a significant difference. 

We are a human-sized team, committed to an ethical approach and have chosen to put people at the heart of our activity.

“Listening to our customers, listening to you, is our priority. Every day, we strive to be available to assist and advise you in the best possible way! ”

... with efficient services

Relying on a high-level scientific center, the team was able to put in place a set of quality services to meet customer needs and the proper delivery of orders. 

Our customer service responds to you all day by email or chat. Responsive and multilingual, you can ask all kinds of questions according to your needs.

Our logistics service ships your orders as quickly as possible whether you are in Europe, America or Asia. We have chosen to work with the best carriers in the world and our close collaboration allows an efficient parcel tracking service. We are committed to delivering your orders successfully.

* AtremoPlus and a food supplement and not a medical drug. If you have any medical related questions, please contact your doctor.

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