AtremoPlus recipes!

AtremoPlus' recipes !


Are you short of ideas to take our Atremoplus food supplement?

Don't worry, this summer our team has prepared some appetizing, fresh and healthy recipes for you. 

A complex biotechnological process is used to extract and preserve the active ingredients present in Vicia Faba. Also, to preserve them at best, it is important not to mix Atremoplus with watery, heated or too acidic foods. We wanted to share with you our ideas on how to take Atremoplus powder in the best conditions to enhance its effectiveness.

Sweet and savory recipes compatible with your AtremoPlus powder are available in videos on our social networks including Youtube.

In addition, we provide a booklet including all our recipes that can be downloaded here:

Download the July recipe booklets by clicking here: Booklet recipes


Download the August recipe booklets by clicking here: Booklet recipes

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