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Would you like to test AtremoPlus?

In order to appreciate the effects of AtremoPlus, we recommend that you test our supplement over a period of one month with a dosage of 10g / day. It is not uncommon for the effects to be seen very quickly, sometimes even within hours after the first use of the product. But for some people, the effects can be felt a little bit more slowly between 2 to 4 weeks of use.

The clinical trial clearly showed, that the ability of the body to use its active ingredients (especially L-dopa) also depends on the genetic profile of the person. The feedback from our customers confirms that there are indeed differences, and we can roughly distinguish three groups of people.

The clinical study showed that AtremoPlus was well tolerated by 100% of the participants.See testimonials from our users
The clinical study showed that AtremoPlus was well tolerated by 100% of the participants.See testimonials from our users


If you are in group one, with the very favorable genetic profile, you will feel the benefits from our product from the first bottle with a dosage of 10g / day. If you are in group 2 or 3, it will, however, take a little bit more time for your organism to adapt to the product and to see the personal benefits. 

Unlike many other food supplements, the effects of which are often much longer to be perceived, AtremoPlus has the advantage of being very direct. In just one month, you will know exactly what personal benefits you can expect by following the recommendations below.

What dosage?

The recommended dosage is 5-10g per day, i.e. 2-4 well-filled scoops. 

The daily dose, which should not be exceeded, is 20g, which corresponds to 8 well-heaped measuring scoops.

Find out below why we recommend testing AtremoPlus over 1 month.

To make dosing easier, AtremoPlus is delivered with a 2.5g powder scoop.

The product has been designed for long-term use and the vast majority of our customers use it for this purpose. A weakening of the effect of the product over long periods of time has not been observed so far. We have many customers who have been using our product for years with stable effects.

At what time of the day?

During the testing phase : If you are new to AtremoPlus, we recommend that you take the powder twice a day.

For example, you can start with 5g (2 well-filled scoops) before or at the start of breakfast, or in the morning around 10 a.m. - 11 a.m., then complete the afternoon with 5g, which means 2 well-filled scoops between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

For the regular intake after the testing phase : beyond the test phase, we recommend keeping 2 intakes per day.

30 min. before the breakfast or between 10-11 am, and the other between 3-6 pm.

We also have clients taking a dose in the evening and testify to experience better sleep quality and a better regeneration. However, over time, depending on your needs and the organization of your days, you can of course adapt these recommendations.

We recommend that you test different schedules to adapt and to optimize the intake of AtremoPlus to your body.

What mode of administration?

Mixed with food

You can mix the powder with yogurt, a mashed banana, fruit compote, rice products, or any other food with a similar texture. 

The powder is of great interest to people with swallowing difficulties, and avoids the need to swallow yet more capsules.

The taste is rather discreet and not at all seaweed-like.


Please do not mix the powder with too liquid supports such as water, milk, fruit juices. Please do not mix the powder with hot meals.

The product could loose in this case some of its properties as the active ingredients do not support well these conditions.

The different genetic groups identified

Group 1: very favorable

People of this group experience significant effects very quickly, often within a few hours or days after the first intake. This marked improvement in their daily lives can also be felt in people whose problems have lasted for years or even decades.

Group 2: favorable

People experience significant effects but will need a slightly longer adjustment period than group 1. In general, it takes 2-4 weeks for adaptation for people in Group 2 to improve. This is why we recommend doing a test for one month with 4 bottles (10g / day), in order to give you the time needed to your organism to adapt and to appreciate the benefits of the product.

Group 3: less favorable

Each organism is different and there is a group of people whose genetic profile is less favorable for the assimilation and use of the active ingredients contained in Atremoplus (in particular L-dopa). Also, these people do not experience many direct effects * quickly. If there is no noticeable change with a 10g / day intake during one month, there is little chance that this will happen later.

* In addition to the direct benefits, there are also indirect benefits thanks to vitamin E for example. Experts demonstrated that vitamin E helps protect cells from damage from oxidative stress, which is recognized by the scientific community as one of the important factors in aging.

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