AtremoPlus® Research

AtremoPlus® – Scientific Research

AtremoPlus® is a food supplement elaborated by European team of experts

The team has worked on this food supplement for the last 7 years with pre-clinical and clinical studies.

The significant results open innovative and natural ways for problems due to the lack of dopamine and also for the protection of cells from oxidative damage.

You can discover the major clinical findings on the websites of the following scientific journals:

You can find the Scientific studies on the websites of 

  1. Journal of Genomic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics”
  2. Clinical & Medical Biochemistry“.
  3. “Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences”
  4. “Journal of Exploratory Research in Pharmacology”
  5. “International Journal of Molecular Science”
  6. “Current pharmaceutical design”
  7. “Royal Society of Chemistry” (book: Anti-aging Drugs: From Basic Research to Clinical Practice/A. Vaiserman/chapter 5.6.2)
  8. “CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics”

And abstracts of conferences on the websites of

  1. “6th conference on Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine & Molecular  Diagnostics” Phoenix, USA 2016
  2. “Drug Discovery and Therapy World Congress 2016”, Boston USA 2016
  3. “13th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry”, Copenhagen 2017
  4. “7th conference on predictive, preventive and personalized medicine & molecular diagnostics” Chicago USA, 2017
  5. 14th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry” Vancouver Canada 2019

The team has a strong expertise in the development of nutraceuticals.